Wireless Vibration Measurement/Monitoring

Our wireless vibration data logger (WVDL) is a flexible and reliable vibration measurement/ monitoring devices.

Different from the traditional vibration measurement with wired accelerometers and geophone, the wireless vibration data logger with no cable connection required. The benefits for the use of wireless vibration data logger compared with wired vibration sensors are as follows:

  • Cost saving – the installation of wireless vibration data logger is easy and time saving and therefore the engineering cost can be reduced.
  • Reduce disturbance to human – no cable connection is required to reduce disturbance to users (e.g. Hospital, Bridge, Data centre, Train, Office etc.)
  • Reduce instrumentation disturbance – no cable connection is required to reduce disturbance to sensitive instrumentation especially for hospital.

The examples of application are as follows:

  • Identify the vibration sources in an office. Client complaint that there were noise and vibration coming from their ceilings. Our engineering team installed 9 WVDL on the concerned places for only 30 mins before office hour. The vibration was logging in the WVDL for 8 hours. Our engineering team took out the 9 WVDL after office hour for data analysis. After analyzing the data, excessive vibrations were identified coming from one of the transformer on the roof floor. There was no disturbances to office users.
  • Vibration monitoring in a school. Construction work was conducted in an adjacent building. Our engineering team installed 4 WVDL on the different floors in the school. The vibration was logging and collecting each date to confirm no exceedance of vibration transmission from the piling site.