Real-time Noise & Vibration Monitoring

Our monitoring device can provide continuous, real-time monitoring. The monitoring record will be traceable to show compliance with the agreed limits. Once Alert, Alarm or Action levels of any monitoring station has been reached, the monitoring system will automatically generate notification to the relevant parties

Application of remote noise & vibration monitoring

Construction/piling/demolition works etc. can induce significant vibration on the surroundings. Remote noise and vibration monitoring can continuously monitor vibration levels on the surrounding properties e.g hospitals, research facilities, data centers, studio, museums, and residential building etc. When excessive vibration level is detected, instant email and SMS alerts will be sent to responsible people. Thus, immediate remedial action can be taken to minimise vibration impact.

Live Vibration Data

Remotely monitor vibration levelsĀ is accessible from any smart phone or PC. Raw data can be downloaded for external use.

Live Email and SMS Trigger Alarms

Instant email and SMS alerts when alarm thresholds are triggered alert your responsible people. Immediate remedial action can be taken to minimise vibration impact.

Our Services

  1. Walk-through on the site to decide the location for installation on the sensors and the level of alarm.
  2. Install the data-acquisition unit and sensors for vibration measurement and the internet for data transmission
  3. Vibration specialists and programmer amend the presentation program (e.g unit, duration etc.) to fit the special requirement if necessary.
  4. Responsible people can access the vibration data by smart phone or PC.
  5. Responsible people can receive regular condition reports and alarm notification.