Noise Measurement

Our noise specilist can provide the noise measurement and analysis according to

  • Noise measurement according to the Factories and Industrial Undertakings (Noise at Work) Regulation (Cap. 59T).
  • Noise Control Ordinance (NCO) (Cap 400)
  • Environmental Impact Assessment Ordinance
    • Environmental noise
    • Industrial noise (e.g. Train noise)
    • Construction noise
    • Traffic Noise
  • Measurement for BEAM PLUS
    • Room Acoustics – NC level and Reverberation Time
    • Noise Isolation – STC, IIC, NIC
    • Background Noise – LAeq , LAmax
    • Noise during Construction – LAeq
    • Noise from Building Equipment – LAeq , frequency analysis
  • International Standard as required
  • Environmental Protection Department Guideline
  • Engineering practice



Noise measurement according to        Train noise measurement
F&IU (Noise at Work) regulation